Saturday, January 19, 2008

The longest point break in Bali: the ideal place for beginner and amateur surfers

Medewi, a remote place I mentioned in my previous posting, apparently has the longest point break in Bali. Sometimes the wave rolls gently for 200 or even 400 meters long.

It works best at mid to high tide on a two meter high sell. On bigger swells, a right hand breaking peak breaks in the middle of the bay straight in front of traditional fishing.

A five hundred meter walk south of the main point break will lead you to the Pulukan River mouth, a thrilling fast breaking right hander that, although visible from the main Bali-Java road, seems to miss the crowds.

As in the case everywhere in Bali, the locals are friendly both in and out of the surf. As a bonus, Medewi’s spectacular sunsets and cool and quite tropical evenings add a touch of glamour. In the end, Medewi is a solitary traveler’s kind of place and in absolutely in no danger of becoming a hot spot.

If you finally come to Medewi, you may choose some place to stay. As far as I can remember, the largest accommodation is at Medewi Beach Cottages. You can reach that place from the number 0365-40029/40030. Or if you like, the cheapest place to stay is the family run Warung & Homestay Gede, but I don’t have their number.

The beach consists of a stretch of huge smooth grey rocks with some sandy patches. The current is light and the waves probably the easiest on Bali, ideal for beginner and amateur surfers.

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